• Nordic Congress on Breast Cancer

    Nordic Congress on Breast Cancer

    Grand Hotel Reykjavik Iceland 16 - 18 September 2016

We have concluded the 2016 Nordic breast cancer conference in Grand Hotel, Reykjavik.

The focus, as always, is on how to provide the best service for breast cancer patients.

The participants agree that it is very beneficial to learn from each other and get support from one another in the common fight against breast cancer.

Two years ago, at the Oslo conference, the emphasis was on individual screening, metastasis and new drugs. We have now combined the first two subjects in the focus we are putting on the establishement of specialized breast care units, where screening takes place, along with the treatment of breast cancers. There patients are treated by a multidiciplinary team. Experience has shown that this gives patients 20-25% better prognosis than the conventional method. We continue to focus on the availability of new drugs to all patients, irrespective of where the live, in urban or rural areas, or in which Nordic country the reside. Everyone should have equal access to the newest drugs and the best available treatment.

The conference took place in Reykjavik with 150 representatives from all the six nordic countries. The next Nordic breast cancer conference is scheduled to take place in the Faroe Islands in 2018.


In Memory of Prof. Umberto Veronesi 1925 - 2016

Europa Donna mourns the loss of our Founder, Prof. Umberto Veronesi, a visionary leader and pioneer in the field of breast cancer. The women of Iceland will forever be grateful for his contribution to improving breast cancer surgery and breast services, and he will continue to be an inspiration for the advocacy work we do.

Admire every sun that sets

Every dream we have lives only for a night.
Every wave that rises falls into the sea.
Silence follows every word —
and then it disappears so fast.

Although a moment never lives to fill the hours.
You should reach for it and cherish while you can.
Because a tear that’s wiped away —
will never ever heal the soil.

Admire every sun that sets
as it were your final sight.
We can never know for sure
that dawn will follow coming night.

You know we can’t escape the chilling grasp of time.
No one can return from that everlasting fight.
So seize the moment – it is where the beauty lies.

Admire every sun that sets
as it were your final sight.
We can never know for sure
that dawn will follow coming night.

Bragi Valdimar / rough translation of „Líttu sérhvert sólarlag“

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Kastað til bata (e. Casting for Recovery)

Casting for Recovery is a unique rehabilitation program that has been run in Iceland for several years now. The mission of Casting for recovery is to give women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by practising fly fishing in beautiful nature. This is an opportunity to experience a new activity in a safe environment amongst a supportive group of peers and catch some fish, if you are lucky!